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Life is like a long distance run. Most of the time you're looking forward, but occasionally you look back at what you've covered… You know there will be obstacles throughout the journey - but deep down, you know you can handle anything that comes your way. Most importantly... you keep putting one foot in front of the other and let 'NOTHING' stand in your way!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spin out.

OK so admittedly I have been burning the candle at both ends. Working 50+ hours per week, sleeping at most 6 hours per night, and attempting to maintain a average of 35 mile a week. Add to that training a few runners to meet their goals, using my work lunch hour to run 3-4 miles.
The beginning of April things were catching up. A attempt to change shoes. NB Minimus, not quite a zero drop but close. Only halfway heeding the warnings to take the transition slow.
With no real set immediate goal, running haphazardly with no plans. Keeping myself ready to sign up for a half marathon at any time and within 4 weeks of a potential marathon.
Monday April 4/12 I did a am run of about 4.5 miles at a 8.5 pace. Good quality run. Came home worked the yard most of the day. Back to the park at 6pm for another 5.5 on the trails. Both in the Minimus. Both runs came off smooth, the second had a few issues on the up hills. But flew on the flats and downs. I get out of the car at home and my knee locks up. I spend the rest of the week stretching and dosing with IbP to bring the swelling down.

Wednesday I do a quick 3 on my lunch, and Thursday I decide to see what I've got in the tank after work. This turns into a 10. Miles 8-9 I got my runners high and felt like I had no legs.

Due to weather, family schedule and now some calf tightness I decide 3 days off. Roll and stick the calf over the weekend.
Monday 4/19 Out of work at 5:15 and drive like mad to get to Reedy on time. I chow down on a banana, half bag of corn nuts and about 20oz of water. I get to the park in time, change and run the parking lot to see how the calf will hold. Tight when I walk but nothing when I run.

We make small talk and I struggle with my hearing aid to work in the left. I put the ear bud in my right. Crank up the play list and were off. Stop half mile in to use the rest room and fill the water. Off again, I take the lead all the way to the rock house. We do the back loop of the house an I let out a howling coyote yelp! I always rest a minute and wait for the group. The two I was with headed out. I decided this would be a good time to grab some GU. I get running tear open my gel, and go to wash it down and BAM!!! EVERYTHINGSTATRTSSPINNING? I went to the ground, I kept as calm as you can I started yelling for help. I pulled myself up yelling again for help. Knowing I'm on the rock house trail at 7pm if I pass out here who will find me?

I started stumbling trying to find a center. Finally I see a dog walker, he's watching me from a distance. I tell him it was me yelling and I think I'm having a vertigo attack. I'm not sure of the conversation but I ask him to help stay with me. We get to a trail split and I ask him what way to the parking lot. I don't know how close he stayed with me at that point. He asked if i was with friends, I just kept walking. I found a center focal point and in fear I would start spinning kept going forward. At this point my thoughts were clearing up. A few prayers and a check of my heart rate. I started passing others and my center was getting better.

My heart rate was still hovering at 100 when I reached the car. I put both hearing aids in and waited for the group to return. My head was still not balanced enough to drive and my heart rate was not dropping as fast as I wanted.

About 10 minutes later Josh arrives the first one back. I let him know what happened. I started feeling better so I decided to drive home.


I wake up feeling fine, so I go to work. Everything is going good until about 10am. I'm taking notes and BAM! things start spinning again. I grab the shelf and work to get my center. I make it to the office and things are getting better.

OK maybe its time to see the doctor. I make the ENT appointment. Hearing test first. My right ear previously known as the good ear, has dropped another 20Db. Now the doctor is attempting to piece together my issue. Two solutions are let it balance itself out the other is steroids and sedatives.

I decided to take the natural approach. His prescription "Do Nothing for the next 5 days." No lifting, staining, working, running.


I make the appointment to see my family doctor. Can you say disappointing. He does a EKG and a basic exam. never looks at my ears. And suggest I get a stress test and see a cardiologist. My EKG looks like the last two I have had. His thoughts are it all has to do with my ears. But see the cardiologist and get the stress test. It must not be a big issue since the appointment is 3 weeks away.

You would think doing nothing is easy. As I look around If I'm off from work I would rather be doing something. I have never been taken out of work by a doctor. In 10 years I've only taken a few sick days. My body feels great other than the fear of a dizzy spell.

Her is what I found on the net that relates to my issues. Hopefully this rest resolves the issue. My biggest fear is to be driving and get have a vertigo attack.


Basicly says I have rocks in my head and I knocked them loose.

Id say time to run, however the Doc. says a few more days.

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  1. and people who have not experienced this do not understand: this isn't a dizzy, like, "I haven't eating all day, I feel faint" dizzy. This is, "The whole room/world is spinning, please make it stop. Now. Please!" Someone described it, "Like when you get off a carnival ride". Well, I don't ride those kinds of rides, and if this is what they do to a person, frankly? I do not get why they're so popular. And, from what I've gathered, that feeling lasts for a minute or less, while these attacks come on suddenly, without forewarning, and mine have lasted for several minutes. It is not as scary as the first time (dare I say, I'm getting used to them? ugh), but to think of one happening while I'm holding my grandbaby or while I drive a car is frightening.