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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time to screw my head on right or A stubborn refusal to recognize or accept my limits.

2011 has been an eventful year to say the least. As the year began a press article about me was released. I made some bold statements and lofty goals in the article. That being said once goals are made and stated publicly its time to go for it.

The number one goal was to run 2011 miles this year. Nearly 40 miles per week. In my mind I like to use the phrase "Go big or Go Home."

Things are going strong rolling into April 18th. I had 500 miles in. This was about 40 miles behind where I should be.

I worked until 4:30 rushed out of work, changed in the car and made it Reedy Creek to run the Monday trail run. Two miles into the run and I fell back and was alone. A sip of water to wash down a gel and BAM!!! the world starts spinning. I end up looking like a drunken sailor.

Now the quest begins. What triggered the attack? Over the next few weeks I have some mini episodes.

I back off the run. And stubbornly realize I will not make my first goal I have set for the year.

Can you put a DNF on a goal? Or is this reserved only for races?

Fast Forward to July. I made it through the month of June without any noticeable spins. I have eliminated caffeine and Ibuprofen. I may have the trigger found and am doing good.

First 2 weeks of July and I'm back up to a 38 mile per week average.I run 13 miles Thursday morning in my sandals. I give myself a nice size blister. I wake up Friday with a tight calf, not too sore to run. I knock down 7 miles in just over an hour. I go to work. Then just after my diner break.. .

The vertigo hits again. This time it wont stop. 15, 20, 30 its still spinning. Despite my request to just go home my wife takes me to the Emergency room. With in an hour I'm feeling better. The draw some blood and give me a IV a little anti vert shot and I'm feeling fine.

I could have saved the $300.00 and went home to get some sleep.

Same diagnosis as before Menieres disease. Avoid sodium and caffeine.

A light bulb goes off in my head Gluten. Maybe this is the trigger. Of course the Internet is full of anti gluten information. Why not it can't hurt to try it.

All is good I go back to work on Monday. Tuesday I get up go for a 8 mile run. Go to work an BAMM! its back WHY ME!! Of course no its interfering with my work. The suggestion is made to take a FMLA and get my head fixed before I come back.
This time I get home and go to sleep two hours later I'm fine again.

OK so now what do I do. What other trigger is there. It cant be running? Can it? The other key may be sleep deprivation is 5 hours af sleep enough? Probably not.

Time for some new thinking. I get a new Chiropractor that says he has had positive results with hearing loss, vertigo, and meneieres patients.

So We go see what the x-ray reveals. Torn ligaments in my neck, this has caused numerous issues including my cervical curve is off. My skull is resting on my Atlas (C1). My first adjustment was interesting.

As I refuse to accept my limits and no doctor has recommended I not work. I am back to work. Taking things slow. For now my running addiction will have to take a back seat to fixing my head.

Time to get my head screwed on right.

In my head if I had a typical foot, leg, hip issue it would sideline me from running. This is not a painful or performance issue. So my in my mind running should not aggravate it.

Bad news is as I finish working on this post today I laid down to nap. I woke up with the spins again.

Good news is I went to see my new Chiro tonight and he feels Positive he can correct this.

In other related news:

Life with out gluten is working. Since quiting the gluten I have seen improvement in my hearing. I have been with out a aid in my right ear for 4 days now and see improvements daily. A hearing test on Friday hopefully wil show more defined results. I hope its the gluten but in my haste I have also given up my allergy medication.

I will probably add the allergy med back to see. But for now it has not been needed.

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