Going the distance

Life is like a long distance run. Most of the time you're looking forward, but occasionally you look back at what you've covered… You know there will be obstacles throughout the journey - but deep down, you know you can handle anything that comes your way. Most importantly... you keep putting one foot in front of the other and let 'NOTHING' stand in your way!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hinson Lake Ultra Classic

Life is like a long distance run. Most of the time you're looking forward, but occasionally you look back at what you've covered… You know there will be obstacles throughout the journey - but deep down, you know you can handle anything that comes your way. Most importantly... you keep putting one foot in front of the other and let 'NOTHING' stand in your way!!

So all race reports start somewhere. Spring of 2010 I'm out on a trail run with The Sultan, and David Potroski. We stop at the Rock house for a break and I hear them discussing this 24 hour run in September. " It the best 24 hour party." " You can't run a marathon for 24 bucks." Wow 24 hours, who does that? That's made for men like Dean K and Scott Jureck.

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible." TE Lawrence

Maybe I could do this. I get home and look it up. DAMN! same week we are going to Disney. Oh well maybe next year.

So January 2011 rolls around and I set 2 goals for the year 2011 miles for the year, and to run the 24 at Hinson Lake and make 100 miles.

Training is going well, I'm putting in my 36+ a week and working 50 hours a week. I'm on target until April. April fools on me. Random Vertigo." You need to slow down, take some time off, give up coffee, cut back on salt, get more sleep." Said all the doctors.

Once i came to realize the wort that can happen is I get dizzy and fall down. I start my training again. Just when i get back up to a 13 mile long run WHAMM! I get another episode and I have to take a few days off.

As the summer ticks by i still keep Hinson Lake in site. I know my training will never get up to a 20 mile long run or a 6 hour long run like it should. I figure Ive paid If I make 20 and bonk out Ill be happy.


So I roll through August my longest run 15 miles. Then September long run 11 miles where I nearly break my everything by tripping on a root. SH#$%! 2 weeks out. Maybe i can still walk 40.

Lucky I heel quick. Do some short safe runs until Wednesday before and chill out Thursday and Friday.

Thursday the forecast starts calling for rain. I'm gonna need some gear. I request to borrow a pop up canopy to keep all our food and stuff dry. Thank You Leo and Brent for the help.

We drive down Friday Derrick and Gabby, his daughter who has offered to crew for us. Neither one of us have ever done something like this so all the help we could get was needed. Uneventful drive out 218 to skip traffic on 74. As the GPS winds us through Historic Rockingham we are amazed at all the historical houses.

We find Toms house and pick up camping directions and our race packet. Shirts, engraved glasses and a shopping bag all with the race logo. Cool swag and no crap from a ton of sponsors I wont visit anyway.

We get to the Moose Lodge and set up camp, help a few others with tent set up. We mingle with other runners until around 10 and decide to get some sleep. We might need it for the run.
It was perfect weather to sleep under the stars. I started to sleep in my chair and decided the air mattress will be more beneficial than waking up with a pinched nerve.

4 am we are all awake. We kick around the camp for a bit and decide to break camp and find the Lake.

We pull in about 5 ish and find a place to park. We walk around the damn for a bit and decide where to set up. Not much room to set up 2 10X10 canopy. So we set one up against a large tree to keep it from falling in the lake. The other canopy was a bit smaller so it fit. The ground was soft from all the rain so the steaks pushed right in.

After clearing all the gear from the car and setting up Jason arrives and sets up. He brought the rain with him. Others arrive and others wake up. The sun rises and we stirr around waiting nervous for the start.

You are wearing Gaitors. Right? Is a question about 20 people asked. "No I don't have any and its making me nervous I already have sand in my shoes." Good luck the grit will grind your soles to the bone. I'm confident my Merrell Trail Gloves will cary me all day, but worried about the grit.

About 10 minutes to start I see my Favorite Vacuum cleaner Shoe store owner Peter Asciutto. From Vac and Dash.

He has Gaitors on.
" You should be selling those here" I tell him.
"I am 20 bucks" he replies.
I run to my car and grab him a 20. Best 20 I have ever spent.

A rainy start

Praying this won't be a washout, we start. We cross the bridge and Stop at our tent to get water and gel. I do some adjustments to my new gaitors. Derrick and I take off like this thing is a 5k we are blowing past everyone. I start thinking wait a minute these people walking and kinda trotting have done this before I better slow down. I slow to about a 9 min pace but think maybe this is even too fast. At 9:30 I had in 7.5 miles.

I start reading the ultra shirts. Umstead, Start slow then taper off, and my favorite "We are trained professionals, don't try this at home." I pass Peter and slow to chat with him a bit. Then a shirt catches my attention ' Outer Banks Graveyard 100" Wait a minute, I read race shirt etiquette. if you didn't run it don't wear it. This race wont even run until March 2012. Turns out the guy is the RD and he thought what better place to promote a 100 miler than at a 24 hour run. Turns out about 6 people had that same shirt.

The laps and miles start blending from this point. So I start thinking about how I can make this happen. Primary goal is a marathon or better. I told my wife I would go in 10 lap or mile sets and take breaks in between. After my first 10 I still felt really good so why not keep going. At that point I decided to simplify things. Don't think about it and go with the flow.

Hey Mike!

Keep it simple, drink each time around, eat when your hungry. I grazed my table almost every lap. No need to sit still feel good. I had Gabby set me up with a half scoop of Gatorade mix in a few water bottles. I would either carry one or dump it in my handheld. Every few laps Gabby would walk a loop with her Dad. About mid afternoon we came in to find one of the canopy's destroyed. The wind had picked it up and mangled the top.

What the *^%$##. I borrowed this thing. After careful exam by me and with some help from everyone we managed to push it as far closed as we could get it. Off to the trash. We decided to take down the other one just in case.

I decided no use in dwelling on it and put my energy back into the run. I decided to change up the music and listen to a sermon. A little bit of grace goes a long way. The Power of grace carried me through the next few hours. Karl Lentz from Hillsong New York is an amazing speaker. 11 am and I hit my 13.44 A 3 hour half Marathon.

Hey there goes Mike

Most of the laps blend together, I chat it up with runners make a few new friends. Listen to helpful advice from the experienced runners. Talk about shoe selection, what and when to eat. Other races they have done, where there from.

Popsicles, thanks I need that cold boost. Lesson learned can't run with a Popsicle. The food table was ever changing through the day. Cupcakes, gummies, chips, orange quarters, bananas, burgers, pizza,chicken, water, Gatorade, coke, Mtn Dew. The RD really puts on a world class event. Amazing this was only $24.00 to get in.

Hookas? Those things look like the anti minimal shoe. Everyone that had them looked like they were dragging their feet. But they all say they are great. They remind me of moon boots from my childhood.

The Garmin is dead at 30 miles. Its only 4pm. I'm not sure why I was using it I guess to keep the pace. I plug it into the car charger and thought OK I'll take a nap while it charges. I sit and take off my shoes for the first time. One toe nail wont be making it and one small blister between my toes. I have Tom fill my bucket with cold hose water and soak them for a few.. While I was sitting I decided I still feel good. I take a couple Ibp's and apply some Body Glide to the feet. I lace back up and I'm off.

Hey Mike!

I decided to just run to the music. No way of really keeping pace I just went with it. On one lap I stopped to check the progress of my Garmin and found a tennis ball in the van. I did the next couple laps bouncing the ball between hands and just running to the music. it was a fun distraction. Not sure what other runners thought Had the music cranking.Baby Please Don't Go 5:59 Ted Nugent,Are You Gonna Be My Girl 3:37 Jet,Born To Run 4:30 Bruce Springsteen,
Pick Up The Pieces 4:01 Average White Band,Who Do You Love - Medley 6:03 The Doors Soul Kitchen 7:15 The Doors,Walking On Sunshine 3:49 Katrina & The Waves

There goes Mike!

Run a bit, walk a bit, eat a bit, everything kind of blends together until dark.

Hey Mike.

I call home at 7:30 to tell my daughter goodnight, I'm at 41.25 miles. I tell my wife I'm farther than I have ever been and will be done soon to get some rest.

I eat some chicken dipped in salt and have some soup that I mix with rice I had. I hook up with Peter and were off. Oops maybe the soup and rice wasn't a good idea.

I head back out and its getting dark In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 17:02 Iron Butterfly
starts playing on my I pod. WOOOHH dude. It just woke me back up. Derrick and I just ran a lap way to fast. He sits down and says I can't go that fast again. I couldn't help myself I still have 12 minutes of this song left I gotta keep going. The drum solo blew my mind. Between the music, the glow sticks and all the reflective stripes on every ones running gear I was in a trance. Could be the start of my bonk. Another One Bites the Dust

Was that Mike?

10 PM I hit my 50 miles. 3 more laps and I have a double in. I haven't seen Derrick or Jason in hours. I get in my next few laps and then it hits. I better lay down I have come and went farther than I should. I can quit now.

I grab a blanket and my stick and go on the porch where they are giving massages. I found a spot and took off my shoes. Blister was getting bigger. I decided to lay back with my feet up for a few and let the blood and lactic acid out. The massage lady asks me if I'm ready. I said why not. She works on my knee for a bit and found nothing wrong. So I ask her to work on the calf's. I wanted to scream!

I laid back down and fell asleep. I woke up frozen so I wandered around for a few got a hoodie out of the car and some long pants, and another blanket. I went back to the porch and fell back asleep. When I woke up around 1:30 or so another runner was getting ready to lie down a few feet away. I throw a M&M at him but miss. He looks over and I asked him if he had been looking for me. "No" he says. I decided I would get up and see how I felt. I took my stuff over to the runner while he was stretching. I put the pillow down then went to hand him my Stick.
He looks up and says "Whats this for?"
"Oh shit your not Derrick"

In my altered state I mistook him for my running partner.

Well that was a bit odd. Now I'm awake. Maybe I can put in some junk miles. I put on some dry gear and lamp up.I decided to keep the long pants on and go with a LS top. I had some chicken broth and and dug into the cooler. Half a block of cheese and a chicken breast with a few chips. Chatted with Kenny and we decided to run a lap or two.

I asked a girl I had met early in the day if I could keep her company. And we were off. We finished a couple laps and I had to explain to her I couldn't hear well. My hearing aid was wet and kept beeping. This happened alot through the night. During the day it was easy to run and not talk because I had my Ipod. Overnight I didn't want to use music, its scary enough out there when someone passes you and you hear them shuffling along.

Hey Mike!

As I stop to get a drink Alyssa was sleeping with out a blanket. So my next lap I grab one out of the van and covered her up. My next lap I grab a sleeping bag out for Gabby who is in the tent freezing. Imagine that me crewing for my crew. But where is Derrick? As I finish another l look for him on the porch. Sure enough this time I know its him cause hes sleeping on my stuff. I wake him up and chat a minute to find out he had nothing left in the tank. I change my shoes and batteries. My left foot was hurting again so time for some cushion.I decided on the Nike Frees. This was good and the pain went away.

Then I hooked up with Jason and Katie they were just heading out. I think we did 4 or 5 laps together. We walked a bit, ran some, stopped for pictures. I told them about my light stick games. Try to touch each one when you run past. Then I got the idea to count them 131. Number 100 hung right in the middle of the path. This became my beacon I knew when I saw it I was almost back. For some reason the body was working well. I started looking at the lap chart and doing some math. 4 hours left and 2 laps per hour I had a chance at 70.

Hey Mike! Nope Jason.

Sometime about 6ish I came in and the girls were awake. I asked Gabby for her phone number so I could call her as I was coming in. ( first time in 20 yrs I have asked for a girls phone number) I wanted her to get some pics of me. When I came back in I asked Alyssa if she could pace me a couple laps to get my goal of 70. I look at the lap chart again and see I have been looking short. I need 3 to go over 70, 2 more will only be 69.9 So we head out I'm pumped to have someone to run with. She held nothing back for me. We did 2 laps in the time I was doing 1 alone. I thanked her and asked if I could take my last one alone. I grab a glass of Coke and A water bottle I wanted to call home it was around 7:20. We talked half way through the lap. I could tell my daughter felt proud and my wife thought how will he ever recover and why was this a good idea.

Hey Mike!

I finish the lap. Now its about 7:45. Katie is saying you gotta do this. Tom gives me a banana and explains the rule drop it when you hear the horn. " But wait I just wanna eat this I'm hungry" I pass a couple he is running backwards holding 2 beers for them like a carrot in front of a rabbit. We laugh a bit but I keep moving. I pass another guy dragging it out and I said lets do this together we can make it all the way. I keep looking at the time. Walk some run some.We pass a few others. I tried to motivate them Then the horn. 1.38 out of 1.55 almost made it.I finish by running it in. DONE 71.44 + the banana lap.

After some cheers and a banana to eat I sit. I finally remove the shoes. WOW that thing is huge. The blister betwene my toes had grown overnight. As I was sitting I see them dumping the coolers from the aid station. I asked them fill my soak bucket with the rest of the ice and I filled it with some water. Maybe this will help my now formed kankles. WOW that's cold. It was like a Ice burn more than bath. I joke with Jason about my blister. I decided to name it Troy. Just because it was bigger than him.

I look around and the only thing left of out set up is me two chairs and a ice bucket. Derrick and the girls had everything packed up. Thanks.

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. It’s not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing. - ...Muhammad Ali

Nothing in pre race training and planning can define why I went so far so long. I think taking the don't think approach helped. I'm happy with my shoe choice. And the grazing plan worked well.

Now as I'm sitting here thinking the pain in my left foot may be a stress fracture. I'm debating next year. What can I do better, what did I forget to pack.Can I ever find a better crew and pacer. The Lashway family were amazing. I was told Alyssa even paced with Mike for a while. Thanks to Jason and Katie for the overnight motivation. Thanks to the people at the aid station and scoring table that made you feel welcome, and like a champion after every lap. Special thanks to Tom Gable for setting up such a incredible event. I'll be back next year.

Oh speaking of Mike for those who don't know who he is. Mike Morton He set a course record with 163.9 miles in 24 hours. This is second year winning this event. He made it look easy. No crew no aid station. He simply ran. I believe 3 miles short of the North American record for 24 hrs.

"beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction"

- William James, Philosopher

Sunday, September 4, 2011

-The Book of Lieh-Tzu

The ideal in the Lieh-Tzu is a state, not of withdrawal, but of heightened perceptiveness and responsiveness in an undifferentiated world. My mind concentrated and my body relaxed, bones and flesh fused completely, I drifted with the wind East or West, like a leaf from a tree or a dry husk, and never knew whether it was the wind that rode me or I that rode the wind.

CONFUCIUS was travelling once over Mount T'ai when he caught sight of an aged man roaming in the wilds. He was clothed in a deerskin, girded with a rope, and was singing as he played on a lute. "My friend," said Confucius, "what is it that makes you so happy?"

The old man replied: "I have a great deal to make me happy. God created all things, and of all His creations man is the noblest. It has fallen to my lot to be a man: that is my first ground for happiness. Then, there is a distinction between male and female, the former being rated more highly than the latter. Therefore it is better to be a male; and since I am one, I have a second ground for happiness. Furthermore, some are born who never behold the sun or the moon, and who never emerge from their swaddling-clothes. But I have already walked the earth for the space of ninety years. That is my third ground for happiness. Poverty is the normal lot of the scholar, death the appointed end for all human beings. Abiding in the normal state, and reaching at last the appointed end, what is there that should make me unhappy?"

What an excellent thing it is," cried Confucius, "to be able to find a source of consolation in oneself!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time to screw my head on right or A stubborn refusal to recognize or accept my limits.

2011 has been an eventful year to say the least. As the year began a press article about me was released. I made some bold statements and lofty goals in the article. That being said once goals are made and stated publicly its time to go for it.

The number one goal was to run 2011 miles this year. Nearly 40 miles per week. In my mind I like to use the phrase "Go big or Go Home."

Things are going strong rolling into April 18th. I had 500 miles in. This was about 40 miles behind where I should be.

I worked until 4:30 rushed out of work, changed in the car and made it Reedy Creek to run the Monday trail run. Two miles into the run and I fell back and was alone. A sip of water to wash down a gel and BAM!!! the world starts spinning. I end up looking like a drunken sailor.

Now the quest begins. What triggered the attack? Over the next few weeks I have some mini episodes.

I back off the run. And stubbornly realize I will not make my first goal I have set for the year.

Can you put a DNF on a goal? Or is this reserved only for races?

Fast Forward to July. I made it through the month of June without any noticeable spins. I have eliminated caffeine and Ibuprofen. I may have the trigger found and am doing good.

First 2 weeks of July and I'm back up to a 38 mile per week average.I run 13 miles Thursday morning in my sandals. I give myself a nice size blister. I wake up Friday with a tight calf, not too sore to run. I knock down 7 miles in just over an hour. I go to work. Then just after my diner break.. .

The vertigo hits again. This time it wont stop. 15, 20, 30 its still spinning. Despite my request to just go home my wife takes me to the Emergency room. With in an hour I'm feeling better. The draw some blood and give me a IV a little anti vert shot and I'm feeling fine.

I could have saved the $300.00 and went home to get some sleep.

Same diagnosis as before Menieres disease. Avoid sodium and caffeine.

A light bulb goes off in my head Gluten. Maybe this is the trigger. Of course the Internet is full of anti gluten information. Why not it can't hurt to try it.

All is good I go back to work on Monday. Tuesday I get up go for a 8 mile run. Go to work an BAMM! its back WHY ME!! Of course no its interfering with my work. The suggestion is made to take a FMLA and get my head fixed before I come back.
This time I get home and go to sleep two hours later I'm fine again.

OK so now what do I do. What other trigger is there. It cant be running? Can it? The other key may be sleep deprivation is 5 hours af sleep enough? Probably not.

Time for some new thinking. I get a new Chiropractor that says he has had positive results with hearing loss, vertigo, and meneieres patients.

So We go see what the x-ray reveals. Torn ligaments in my neck, this has caused numerous issues including my cervical curve is off. My skull is resting on my Atlas (C1). My first adjustment was interesting.

As I refuse to accept my limits and no doctor has recommended I not work. I am back to work. Taking things slow. For now my running addiction will have to take a back seat to fixing my head.

Time to get my head screwed on right.

In my head if I had a typical foot, leg, hip issue it would sideline me from running. This is not a painful or performance issue. So my in my mind running should not aggravate it.

Bad news is as I finish working on this post today I laid down to nap. I woke up with the spins again.

Good news is I went to see my new Chiro tonight and he feels Positive he can correct this.

In other related news:

Life with out gluten is working. Since quiting the gluten I have seen improvement in my hearing. I have been with out a aid in my right ear for 4 days now and see improvements daily. A hearing test on Friday hopefully wil show more defined results. I hope its the gluten but in my haste I have also given up my allergy medication.

I will probably add the allergy med back to see. But for now it has not been needed.

Thursday, June 30, 2011



Ok, 2 hours on the treadmill I can do this. I go out and run 2 hours all the time. What I failed to think about is. . . Running at the same consistant pace. When I run on the road I can pace up or down based on conditions or how I feel. No such luck in being a lab rat. 75 % of marathon pace for 2 hours non stop.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've had allot of discussion lately about using music to enhance your run. I originally used it daily, now only when I'm alone or in the mood to get ahead of the pack. I can no longer wear the ear buds in ear due to the hearing aids. I have developed a way to tuck the buds in the rim of my hat, just above the hearing aids. I am still able to have conversation and hear my surroundings.

I have had request for what I listen to. Here is my play list I made for my 40 last year. I put allot of thought into this creating it to give me highs and lows. The end gets a little off track and I rarely even play through the end songs. I have about 10 other list for different occasions. Many of these songs make it in to shorter list.

I hope you enjoy and maybe find something new.

Green Onions 2:54 Booker T. & The MG's

Soul City 2:36 Southern Culture On The Skids

Peaches 2:52 The Presidents Of The United States Of America

Baba O'Riley 5:09 The Who

Easy (Extended Version) 4:52 The Commodores

Lust For Life 4:14 Iggy Pop

Creep 3:03 Marty Casey

All These Things That I've Done 5:02 The Killers

'Ode to Joy' from Symphony No. 9 in D Minor 'Choral', Op. 125 3:23 Westminster Choir

People Get Ready 4:52 Jeff Beck

Jeepster 4:12 T. Rex

All Apologies 3:50 Nirvana

One Way Out 4:59 The Allman Brothers Band

Start Me Up 3:33 The Rolling Stones

The Distance 3:00 Cake

Time Has Come Today 4:51 The Chambers Brothers

I Walk The Line 2:45 Johnny Cash

Rooster 6:14 Alice In Chains

The Valkyrie: Ride of the Valkyries 5:35 Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra & Stanislav Gorkovenko

Ziggy Stardust 3:19 David Bowie

Rise 6:06 Public Image Ltd.

Canned Heat / On The Road Again 4:34

Train, Train 3:36 Blackfoo

tLittle Green Bag 3:15 George Baker Selection

Come Together 4:19 The Beatles

Sympathy For The Devil 8:49 The Rolling Stones

Paranoid 2:48 Black Sabbath

The Beautiful People 3:39 Marilyn Manson

Mountain Song Janes Addiction

A Little Less Conversation 1:42 Elvis Presley

Folsom Prison Blues 2:45 Johnny Cash

Rebel Rouser (Re-Recorded In Stereo) 3:34 Duane Eddy

Keep on Smilin' ("Wet Willie") 3:57 Wet Willie

Noise Brigade 2:14 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2:43 Queen

Peace Frog 3:00 The Doors

Breakdown 7:41 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Frankenstein 4:44 Edgar Winter

Me And Bobby McGee 3:57 Janis Joplin

Run Like Hell 4:25 Pink Floyd

Relax 3:54 Frankie Goes To Hollywood

So Much to Say 4:07 Dave Matthews Band

The Devil Went Down To Georgia 3:36 The Charlie Daniels Band

Hellhound On My Trail 2:37 Robert Johnson

Hungry Like The Wolf 3:10 Duran Duran

L. A. Woman 7:52 The Doors

Leave It 4:15 Yes

Everybody Wants To Rule The World 4:11 Tears For Fears

Walk on the Wild Side 4:13 Lou Reed

Highway Star 6:09 Deep Purple

Pump It Up 3:09 Elvis Costello

Graceland 3:24 Charlie Sexton

Help! 2:19 The Beatles

Subterranean Homesick Blues 2:21 Bob Dylan

Break On Through 3:48 Stone Temple Pilots

Runnin' With The Devil 3:36 Van Halen

America / Horse With No Name 3:55 Various Artists

All I Wanna Do 4:34 Sheryl Crow

Strawberry Fields Forever 4:08 The Beatles

Eye In The Sky 3:59 The Alan Parsons Project

Knockin' On Heaven's Door 2:31 Bob Dylan

Immigrant Song 2:25 Led Zeppelin

Bennie And The Jets 5:13 Elton John

Live and Let Die 3:02 Guns N' Roses

Never Tear Us Apart 3:02 INXS

All She Wants To Do Is Dance 4:30 Don Henley

Sweet Jane 3:34 Cowboy Junkies

A Day In The Life 5:07 The Beatles

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) 2:35 Green Day

Baby Please Don't Go 5:59 Ted Nugen

tI Melt With You 4:01 Modern English

Are You Gonna Be My Girl 3:37 Jet

My Sharona 4:02 The Knack

Cinnamon Girl 3:00 Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Catch Us If You Can 1:54 The Dave Clark Five

Ballroom Blitz 3:54 Sweet

Eruption 1:42 Van Halen

Like A Rolling Stone 6:09 Bob Dylan

Alabama Song 1:51 The Doors

Imagine 3:02 John Lennon

Generation Why 2:46 Reverend Horton Heat

Don't Worry Be Happy 3:57 Bobby McFerrin

Born To Run 4:30 Bruce Springsteen

Pick Up The Pieces 4:01 Average White Band

Who Do You Love - Medley 6:03 The Doors

Soul Kitchen 7:15 The Doors

Centerfold 3:38 J. Geils Band

Walking On Sunshine 3:49 Katrina & The Waves

Battery 5:13 Metallica

Long May You Run 3:48 Neil Young

Smack My Bitch Up 5:43 The Prodigy

Harden My Heart 3:38 Quarterflash

Roots Radicals 2:47 Rancid

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:45 The Rolling Stones

Stuck In The Middle With You 3:25 Stealers Wheel

FFF 5:31 Public Image Ltd.

Heart-Shaped Box 4:42 Nirvana

Mickey Mouse March 2:41 Disney

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 17:02 Iron Butterfly

Another One Bites the Dust 3:36 Queen

Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World 5:08 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decaf Wins

So now into day four of the decaf therory. The headache has subsided. I have completed my second 3 mile run of the week. The odd part is my legs feel like I have never ran that far before.

Both legs feel like I did a squat work out at the boot camp. I have decided tomorrow will bring on an attempt at 6+, Feeling I was at a 10 mile long run before I was hit with this balance issue.

I have also taken myself off of ALL pain blockers for now. Could it be I had relied on IbP for so long I just never felt any discomfort. I just continued to push harder and harder each day. If it feels good your not working hard enough.

My eyes are on the prize of Hinson Lake. How far will I go. 50,75,100. Only time will tell. For now time to work out the training schedule and prepare for the distance.

Gotta run. . .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to the Real World

Through a conversation with my wife, is there a normal? It has been nice having time off from work but I must get my head strait, and move on.

My wife's biggest fear is am I clear to drive. I believe I'm good. Obviously we cant let the what ifs control our life. We would never get anything done.

I intend to listen to all who I have discussed my vertigo with. It's amazing how many people suffer with this. The two most common solutions are low salt diet, and a neck adjustment. I have not been to see my Chiropractor this week, hope he has some input on it.

There is also the pending question about my heart. I don't believe its an issue that is tied to my vertigo. I will try to push up my appointment for the stress test to rule out any issues. Mentally my mind will be focused on this until I get the clear from a cardiologist. Having one friend drop during a run is evidence enough for me to get checked out.

I will start back on the run Monday, I have not decided on a route distance or pace as of yet. More than likely it will be my training route with the Free runners at Toby Creek. I have no set goal until September so this is the reset button my body needed.

Obviously prayer will take a big part in my recovery. I am thankful for the many friends I have that are praying for me. I find it hard to ask for prayers for myself. However I know By his stripes we are healed. Being Rescued is why He died on the cross for us.

For now it's time to focus on rebuilding my head, knowing I can't focus on the what if. I need to pick a focal point, set a goal and go for it.

Two more days, then I can say Run Hojo Run!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spin out.

OK so admittedly I have been burning the candle at both ends. Working 50+ hours per week, sleeping at most 6 hours per night, and attempting to maintain a average of 35 mile a week. Add to that training a few runners to meet their goals, using my work lunch hour to run 3-4 miles.
The beginning of April things were catching up. A attempt to change shoes. NB Minimus, not quite a zero drop but close. Only halfway heeding the warnings to take the transition slow.
With no real set immediate goal, running haphazardly with no plans. Keeping myself ready to sign up for a half marathon at any time and within 4 weeks of a potential marathon.
Monday April 4/12 I did a am run of about 4.5 miles at a 8.5 pace. Good quality run. Came home worked the yard most of the day. Back to the park at 6pm for another 5.5 on the trails. Both in the Minimus. Both runs came off smooth, the second had a few issues on the up hills. But flew on the flats and downs. I get out of the car at home and my knee locks up. I spend the rest of the week stretching and dosing with IbP to bring the swelling down.

Wednesday I do a quick 3 on my lunch, and Thursday I decide to see what I've got in the tank after work. This turns into a 10. Miles 8-9 I got my runners high and felt like I had no legs.

Due to weather, family schedule and now some calf tightness I decide 3 days off. Roll and stick the calf over the weekend.
Monday 4/19 Out of work at 5:15 and drive like mad to get to Reedy on time. I chow down on a banana, half bag of corn nuts and about 20oz of water. I get to the park in time, change and run the parking lot to see how the calf will hold. Tight when I walk but nothing when I run.

We make small talk and I struggle with my hearing aid to work in the left. I put the ear bud in my right. Crank up the play list and were off. Stop half mile in to use the rest room and fill the water. Off again, I take the lead all the way to the rock house. We do the back loop of the house an I let out a howling coyote yelp! I always rest a minute and wait for the group. The two I was with headed out. I decided this would be a good time to grab some GU. I get running tear open my gel, and go to wash it down and BAM!!! EVERYTHINGSTATRTSSPINNING? I went to the ground, I kept as calm as you can I started yelling for help. I pulled myself up yelling again for help. Knowing I'm on the rock house trail at 7pm if I pass out here who will find me?

I started stumbling trying to find a center. Finally I see a dog walker, he's watching me from a distance. I tell him it was me yelling and I think I'm having a vertigo attack. I'm not sure of the conversation but I ask him to help stay with me. We get to a trail split and I ask him what way to the parking lot. I don't know how close he stayed with me at that point. He asked if i was with friends, I just kept walking. I found a center focal point and in fear I would start spinning kept going forward. At this point my thoughts were clearing up. A few prayers and a check of my heart rate. I started passing others and my center was getting better.

My heart rate was still hovering at 100 when I reached the car. I put both hearing aids in and waited for the group to return. My head was still not balanced enough to drive and my heart rate was not dropping as fast as I wanted.

About 10 minutes later Josh arrives the first one back. I let him know what happened. I started feeling better so I decided to drive home.


I wake up feeling fine, so I go to work. Everything is going good until about 10am. I'm taking notes and BAM! things start spinning again. I grab the shelf and work to get my center. I make it to the office and things are getting better.

OK maybe its time to see the doctor. I make the ENT appointment. Hearing test first. My right ear previously known as the good ear, has dropped another 20Db. Now the doctor is attempting to piece together my issue. Two solutions are let it balance itself out the other is steroids and sedatives.

I decided to take the natural approach. His prescription "Do Nothing for the next 5 days." No lifting, staining, working, running.


I make the appointment to see my family doctor. Can you say disappointing. He does a EKG and a basic exam. never looks at my ears. And suggest I get a stress test and see a cardiologist. My EKG looks like the last two I have had. His thoughts are it all has to do with my ears. But see the cardiologist and get the stress test. It must not be a big issue since the appointment is 3 weeks away.

You would think doing nothing is easy. As I look around If I'm off from work I would rather be doing something. I have never been taken out of work by a doctor. In 10 years I've only taken a few sick days. My body feels great other than the fear of a dizzy spell.

Her is what I found on the net that relates to my issues. Hopefully this rest resolves the issue. My biggest fear is to be driving and get have a vertigo attack.


Basicly says I have rocks in my head and I knocked them loose.

Id say time to run, however the Doc. says a few more days.