Going the distance

Life is like a long distance run. Most of the time you're looking forward, but occasionally you look back at what you've covered… You know there will be obstacles throughout the journey - but deep down, you know you can handle anything that comes your way. Most importantly... you keep putting one foot in front of the other and let 'NOTHING' stand in your way!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"If you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."~ Bruce Lee

Monday, October 15, 2012


First true run in 2 weeks. Perfect morning to run. I misjudged sunrise and went with a dim headlamp. 6 miles in before the sun woke up. A bit of off and on calf cramping but able to run through it with no pain. Around mile 9 the hips and quads started to stiffen up. Overall great to be back. I think Ill continue strong this week and give myself a 42 mile week for my birthday.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recovery Sucks

Not to be negative. But it truly sucks. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since HL24 and I have only put up about 14 total miles.

Who knew if I used a golf ball in my arch it would release the pain in my shin. Between that and becoming intimate with my foam roller, Monday will be day one.

I've gots me a belt buckle to go get.

Different windows of opportunity are opening and closing throughout our lives. If your ultrarunning window is currently open, then you best take advantage before ‘what if’ and ‘should have’ become the reality…

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HL24 2012 The Good, Bad and Ugly.

As the shirt says I left it All at the lake. I have been struggling this week to find interesting points to put in my report. However I will try to keep it as simple as I tried to make my race.

First things first> I decided before the race to follow a God dream and use this as a platform for me to help others. I had ran in July to support the Wounded Warrior Project. We used the Crowdrise.com. They a re a awesome website to use if you consider raising funds. This race I devoted to helping free children from slavery. No child should ever have to be a slave. The Fathers house International http://fathershouseghana.com/is doing something about it. The have freed 8 boys from the fishermen on Lake Volta. They have established a refuge in Ghana Africa to raise these boys and many more to come as disciples of Christ. I'm happy to say I raised $600. to help them in whatever they need. Every penny helps. crowdrise.com/24hours4thefathershouse

Friday was good after devouring a 5 guys burger, large fries, and 2 Cokes. Dexter arrives with 8 tubes of NUUN my secret hydration plan.

After arriving at Toms to pick up bib and shirt. I headed over to Crow run to set up a temporary camp. As I backed in to a spot I was greeted by the Legendary Barefoot Josh and his Bride Iris. I have read his blog for over a year now and see his daily FB dog pics ad drawings. It was a pleasure to meet him in person. Everyone drove off to get dinner. So I decided to walk over to the lake and decided what the heck I'll run a lap and check trail conditions. As I finished Josh arrived and was doing his own recon. I decided to do another lap and show him the trail. (He ran it in some sort of top secret rubber sock.) We went back to the camp and chatted it up until dark.

We said our good nights and I moved camp to the Lodge parking lot. I knew where I wanted to set up and had a feeling if I waited until morning it would be gone.
The plan was to camp alone and get a good night sleep. The harvest moon lit everything up making it hard to sleep. As like any pre race night that resulted in about 6 hours. About 6 am I was awoken by lights in the lodge and people moving around.

Jason and Katie arrived shortly after. We hung out shaking hand and getting to know the people we only see at races and chat with on line. Next thing I know people are starting to move. I figured it was time to go. The plan walk the damb, run the trail, walk the bridge, and run the trail.

First lap out I decided wrong shoes, lap 2 wrong socks for the shoe change,lap 3 ditch the shirt. I think for the first 5 or 6 laps i would stop and make some sort of adjustment, fill water or grab food. Then it all becomes a blur of mummies running w/ scissors, bare foot people, rain, Popsicles, Coke, chicken, tattoos, potatoes, burgers, families, kids, dogs, snakes, pony tails, Mohawks, Hokas, pirates, vac and dash divas, landscapers grooming the trails, crop dusters, chafing, walkers, sleepers, m&ms, BB&Js, barking spiders, Stingers, I think I saw a BK shake? WHERE was Mine? . Lap after lap. Walk the damb, walk the bridge, walk the damn bridge. I kept to myself most of the day making small talk and cracking jokes. I wanted to stay focused on my plan.

Until about 4 pm when my pacer arrived. I stopped to clean out my shoes and eat some rice. Savage came off the trail and yelled at me to keep moving. I informed Derrick where I was and what my plan was. He ran one lap with me. Then on the second lap he slowed to talk to Peter. After he caught up he said he could run half laps with me then he would walk until I came back around in the next lap. I did this a few times then he became more of a pit crew chief than a pacer.

Sometime about 7ish I see a runner about my size he is wearing Newtons. I ask him his size and he looks at me as if Im going to jump him for his shoes. Then I explain to him I have a pair he can have for Free all he has to do is want them. He ends up giving me a running shirt for them anyway. I was happy to rid myself of them. Thanks for the BA shirt, I still say I won on that trade.

Then the night set in I hit my 50 miles just before 8pm. One thing kept bothering me from this point on. The stupid South of the Border sign.

I had 50 miles in and it was still 98 miles to go.

I know Jason and Katie packed up after she reached her goal. It was disappointing to see them go but hanging out the rest of the night prolly wouldn't help this foot and IT issues.

I was happy with my results at this point. I continued to work my plan. However the later it became the longer the walks became. I tried to keep a 10 foot focus and was able to run until midnight. My lights started to dim. Derrick said leave it and he would get the new batteries for me. The next lap was much better with brighter lights. Back to 10 foot focus. If I can make the 10 feet in my headlight I'm good. This is also where I started working out math in my head how much could I walk. In hind site I should have taken time to eat something solid and get some protein. Back to 10 foot focus. If I can make the 10 feet in my headlight I'm good. This is also where I decided walking poles would be good. There were some points that I would stumble like a drunk. I'm bringing poles next year. At one point i was walking with Jim Wei and we both had the same goal and distance to cover. I think we may have done one lap then I lost track of him. My hearing really tanked out and as i would talk with other runners I could not hear what they were saying back. I tried to keep it simple at this point. Throwing out the your doing great, keep going. I could hear the same from others. However a conversation at this point was not going to happen. Sorry if anyone felt (I ignored them.)

I continued through the night. Each lap kept getting longer. My mental state was good. I kept focus. I remember crossing the bridge at one point and Charles asking me if I was OK. I think my response was No, but what can I do now? My hips kept getting tighter. As i crossed the bridge at one point I thought I was seeing a Ed Wood Space costume. It ended up being Jonathan wearing a jacket that had 2 reflective Vs on the back. He had cooled off and was wearing gloves he was also taller due to his Hokas. I passed several people that looked like "Walkers" Glad I was still able to out run them. Then I came around the corner and the clock was at 20 hours. Derrick and Gabby were waiting for me. I sat down to talk things out and decided one more lap would be 80 miles. I will be ok with that. My mind reminded me 20 miles on good legs would be hard. I was not making my 100. I had come to this conclusion while on the last few laps. I thought I can call it at 80 or death march it out and maybe make 90.

I checked out at the score table and went to see Denise Dilley Martin ( A angel in the night.)

After a good work over and a change of shoes. I had to go for one more lap. My daughters orders. If this lap went well I would keep moving. NOPE! 82.08 was going to be it. My I-pod even said no your done. First time it has ever ran out of juice before me. I finished the lap and sat in a chair for the first time singe driving to the parking lot the night before. I intentionally refused to bring on this year. After wathing the leaders roll though hoping to get some motivation that would draw me back to the trail. I closed my eyes, just for a moment. I knew right then it was time to pack up and head home. In hind site I wish I had stayed for the end. Who knows what motivation daylight could have given me.

I think I was asleep before we left the parking lot. The next thing I knew we were in Monroe cruising down 74. Derrick and Gabby got me home safe. I was a bit stiff getting out of the car.

All said and done I'm happy with going farther than I ever have gone before. However will always wonder what if... I didn't leave that 3 hours on the table.

I need to give thanks to first GOD for giving me the strength and courage to attempt such a run. The my family for the time to train and support through the run.


Link to the Video of the snake getting his lunch.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UzUjQKbbvk&feature=youtu.be

THE UGLY You know I couldn't resist.

To sum it all up "I ran a lot. The end."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Taper

Call it over training, or just plain stupidity. 21 days out from my 24 hour race and I'm forced to take a down week. For 2 weeks ive been running with post nasal drip and a weezing cough. A minor calf strain. Finely all came together this week as the perfect storm. A week ago I tried to buy KT tape to help the calf strain. What a worthless waste of time that was. (more on that in my product review post) Now on day 2 of no running, pumping decongestants and allergy meds. I'm itching to run. For now I'm keeping on my feet as much as possible. Tomorrow I will get adjusted at my chiro. A full work up from the feet up. and hopefully back to run a 6-10 on Friday morning. I feel I have built the endurance, now just gotta keep the legs warm until the run. If all works out well i should hit 100 in under 24 hours. My goal is 22 hours. Now its time to plan gear and food for the run. Today I will decide on my charity and post a message for per mile donations. My goal will be $1000.00. My cause will be Fathers house in Ghanna.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

30 days

30 days to Hinson Lake 24 hour Ultra Classic. This was my first 24 hour race and I became obsessed, hooked, addicted, ready to do this thing again. My training since last year has been over the top. I have overcome my medical issues that effected my training last year. I have pushed myself to the limit. Averaging 42+ miles per week to this point. I have run 2, 27+ mile long runs in the past 30 days, I have spent the past week training my brain to handle the dark transition. The goal of 100 miles is set in stone. I have 3 times the endurance base built up that I had last year. Taper is not a thing I'm good at. I know it is all part of smart training. Who ever said I was smart. I also have a hard time admitting I need rest. I have shut myself off from social media. I need to focus the next 30 days on God, family and training. The events and issues of others have no place in this busy schedule. First goal, recover from calf strain. Overuse and arrogance has led me to put undue strain on my right calf. KT tape appears to be the answer. Reduced mileage, and rest will also help. Next to taper back from 50 miles a week to 30, this should allow for time to heal before the big day. Still on the fence to use my run as a fundraiser. I have a hard time deciding what cause need more assistance. Now 29 days to go. Team Slug is ready to run.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Shoe review via Byron Powell

A look at the MB MT110 and a chance to win a pair.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Frosty 50 Meltdown.

No better way to start off my ULTRA year than with a 50k. I had committed myself to doing this race after reading all the reports from 2011. I was looking forward to running a race fighting the bitter cold elements. Not that running a 50k isn't insane enough.

Race week arrives and the weather turns bitter cold, then decides to switch back to spring like weather for the weekend. 49* for a Low and 60* for a high. This should be easy to do not too cold not too hot.

Friday night I carb load on french fries from 5 guys. Yes I ate the whole bag. I went to bed around 9 and by 11:30 Im wide awake. I flip channels for an hour or so then fall back to sleep. 2:30 awake, 3:15 awake, finely at 4:10 I get up and get ready. My carpool is not until 5:45. So I eat some oatmeal and a banana. I sat back and did my morning Bible reading.

Right on time Emily Knudson pulls up. We get driving and she says "I hope you don't get nervous with other people driving, people say I scare them." I was good with her checking directions on her phone until she started heading off the side of 85. We agreed I would navigate and monitor the GPS. ( Glad I prayed this morning)

We get to the lake about an hour early. Check in and get things ready. Because it was still cold we hung out at the car until about 10 min to the start. I had originally planned to have a drop bag at the first turn. When I asked about sending it over with someone it was too late. I had to stuff extra gels in my shorts and water bottle. Snap a few pics at the start line. That's when I realize I shoulda used the port o potty. mistake #1. The lines were way too long. . . And were off!

I had read the reports and decided on doing a light run walk, run while I felt good, walk the aid stations. This is my usual marathon M.O. Not thinking marathon water stops are 2 miles apart not 3.5 Mistake #2. Emily told me she was planning to go slow, so I decided to go on my own. Mistake #3 I'm running at a good 8:30-9 min pace. I should have known better. I guess I got caught up in the 25k crowd.

Just past the 3 mile point my bladder says no more you gotta stop. Lucky this was right before the Linville Rd parking area.

I walk to the aid station my first walk break. Water and a banana, a PB GU and I'm off. Back into my 9 min pace. Cruising along to the music I chat with a few folks and enjoy the trail. Then we come to the paved section and hit a big down hill switchback. I can't help myself and I open it up and fly down at full speed. As I level off I see people coming at me with water cups so I know the next aid station is ahead. I get my camera out to snap some pics of friends that will be ahead of me. Then I here a familiar voice say looking good Chad is cheering us on. I gave him my camera and asked if he'd snap some pics I'd grab it from him on the way back.

I walked through the aid station grabbed some water and resumed my way to fast pace. I was happy the creek crossing was dry. This was the only fear I had of the course. I hate running with wet feet. Made the turn and thought that wasn't too bad. I ran past Chad again, this time I stopped for a second. I asked him to snap more pics and I could get my camera back later. He asked me how the feet were holding and gave me some encouraging support.

Not much for the next few miles until the Linville aid station. I could tell I was starting to have some gastric distress. I was on my 4Th PB GU and had been hydrating on schedule. But the mistake of not going before the start was taking its toll. Spirits were still good and the last few miles ticked by. about mile 14 I came to the realization I gotta do this all over again.

I came into the start finish at 2:31 this was perfect being my on my goal time. I knew however the second half would not be as easy as the first. I took care of my stomach issues and loaded up my water bottle and picked up more GU. Chad gave me my camera back and some more positive encouragement and I was off.

I knew I needed to control my pace better so I tried to work out a run walk strategy to attempt to make my finish goal. As I reach the 2 mile point of the out leg I see the winners coming in. The look fresh like they just started. Then I remember the relay teams. Then I start seeing people I know so I thought why not get some good pics. I stopped to snaps photos of the DART, Vac and Dash and fellow UCRR members. You never get free photos at a race.

I felt I was keeping good pace and was passing people. I started breaking down into more walk breaks but tried to maintain good pace while running.

"I'm afraid that some times you'll play lonely games too. Games you can't win 'cause you'll play against you. All alone! Whether you like it or not, Alone will be something you'll be quite a lot"

- Dr. Seuss from "Oh the places you'll go"

Its funny quotes that get stuck in your head. I had thought about it earlier in the day but realized mistake 4 this would have been easier to have a partner or at least a pacer.

Not much to remember going into the final turn. I made the final turn and decided to check my time. I was at 3:50 and change at mile 23.3 I thought I still got this. I started talking to a couple other runners at he turn while I adjusted my clothing. It was now warm enough to ditch the shirt. Then reality hit me when I was informed my Garmin was off by 20 minutes. Mistake 5 turn off the auto pause. It was like a punch in the face. Nothing I could do about it at this point I gotta finish.

I decided I would head out with Mr. Kill My Dream. He tells me his IT is bugging him, but I figure we both could use each others help. That lasted about a half mile and he couldn't keep up. I put my music on and decided to make the best of it. I slowed to a 10 min pace and kept my eyes on the ground. Trying not to put much thought into what was ahead and to fight off the negative thoughts. I'm still passing people. Then I started leap frogging with a girl from Ohio. We ended up going into the Linville rd aid station together. That's when I realized this was only another 5k. We stuck together for a mile or so then I had to get moving faster, I wasn't letting this turn into a death march. I wasn't so much in pain as the mental side of me was having issues overcoming the distance.

Mile 29 and the hill is there. Where did this thing come from, I don't remember it being here before. My mental state was making me think it was bigger than it was. As I made the top I could see the finish line tent in the distance. I picked up the pace and thought I got this from here. Then another long curve around the lake was there. I stoped to walk again. Finely right about mile 30 a runner passes me and stops. He asked if I could use someone to run me in. I said if you can run this slow I'd love the company. That was all it took we chatted the mile away and I picked up the pace to about 9ish. And before I knew it I was looking at the finish line. Done! 5:41:14 80Th place out of 114.

Funny the finish area was like a ghost town. I found my bag and laid back to wait for Emily to come in. I cheered on the remaining runners as they crossed the line. Alex came in at 5:47, and Emily came in at 6:11.

The final insult of the day came when we started to drive off to find out Emily had a flat tire. So I got to practice my NASCAR pit crew skills, and we were off. We headed over to Whole Foods to get some good recovery food then had a long slow drive back on the spare tire.

Overall I'm OK with my finish time. I was aiming for 5 hours. but it is what it is. I do have to agree with someone who said this before but 50k is a LONG Fn way!

What worked, The Nike Frees, ginger chews, and the PB GU.
What didn't, Pre race prep, pace strategy
Mango Gatorade (thought was orange).Also the first race I had no pain relief help from the Ibupro. No running partner or pacer.

I don't think I'm a big fan of the relay mixed in with the Ultra too many people out at the start. As far as the course. What awesome place to run. I'm actually jealous of their course. I could be at home out there. I may go back for the 30k in the fall.