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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Dryer.

Out of a need for a place to dry my shoes and gear. I decided to build my own custom drying rack. Something portable but sturdy. I have made a few of these for friends but don't feel there is a big market for them. So my Christmas present to the masses is this simple plan.

Many of you have requested the plans or to buy one. Honestly for a few bucks at Lowe's you can build your own. I made mine based on my size. Using my torso length of 21" as a guide and a 12" shoe.

Materials to start with are:

1-10' piece of PVC
1-5'   piece of PVC

7- T's
6- L's
5- caps (optional)

Lowe's or Home Depot will have everything you need. If don't have a saw. You could ask nice and probably find a associate to cut the pieces in store for you. I used 3/4" pipe I felt 1/2" was not sturdy enough.

Cuts are as follows:

2  @ 21"  ( B-C)
2  @ 7"    ( A-B)
4  @ 11"   (  E  )
4  @5 "     (A)  ( C-D)
2  @7"      ( E-E)
4  @ 3"      ( D-E)

Start buy building the top frame in the pictures I have labeled "A" as the starting point building down to the base.

Start with a T as the center and attach a 7" A-B to each side and a 5" A out the top.

Add a B elbow (L) on each end'

Connect a 21"  B-C to the bottom of each elbow.

Now build the base.

Start buy laying out the T's and L's

First assemble the E 12" sections these will be the shoe post. And the E 7" spacer.

Next assemble the 4, 3" D-E pieces between the T and L. D this for both sides.

Now you should have 4, 5" pieces C-D connect these to the remaining T's. Finish off the base by connecting the the remaining corners D.

Now turn and adjust and tighten the base.

Finish by adding the top uprights. Now you are ready to keep your gear dry and organized.

I do not have mine glued together. However you can use PVC cement to attach everything together. There are also PVC paints available on the market if basic white is not your style.

I have set this up on a wire shelf in the summer with a old fan blowing upwards to speed dry times.

PVC can be cut with a tubing cutter or any standard saw.  Or you can sweet talk a plumbing guy at Lowe's to make the cuts for you.

Want me to build it?  $25.00 + shipping. But you can do it for about $15.00

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